The Association of winter sports, Snownjeri (The Snowman), is an organization formed in order to promote alternative winter tourism in Kosovo and the region. Our Association achieves this through photos, videos, information and different projects. Since the beginning of unofficial activities in Brezovica in 1993, our members were one of the first initiators to promote alternative skiing and snowboarding through Freeride and Freestyle disciplines. 

The first activity of “Snownjeri” started without any plan on March 2003. That time, for the first time after the recent war, Brezovica was opened for commercial use.

There was a big need among the skiers, to be informed about the state of the ski slopes, weather conditions and hotel prices in Brezovica and other ski centers of the region.

Because Arben and his friends frequently visited Brezovica, “Njeri” (Arbens nick name), began sending e-mails about Brezovica, with the latest news and pictures to his group of friends. At that time, in Kosova, there was no any information source that would provide any news about the Ski centers. “Snownjeri” as a mountain lover, took this self-initiative by gathering skiers e-mail addresses and sending them tens of photos that “Snownjeri” made each time he visited ski centers.

At the beginning, there were only 50 e-mail addresses to which “Snownjeri” was sending fresh news about the ski center conditions. With time, the number of the interested snow lovers that would receive these e-mails grew fast.

Beside the e-mailing system that started something new in Kosova skiing community, there was a need to open a Forum, where the skiers and boarders could chat between themselves and exchange information’s about the slopes, weather, snow equipment etc.

So, Snownjeri’s good buddy Xenini, opened the first Forum dedicated to the snow sports lovers. Since December 2004, when this web-forum was opened, it’s still functioning these days and helps Kosova ski community a lot to get up-to-date news.

Immediately after the Xenini.com Forum, another one was opened by Burim Orana, a ski lover that did a lot for Prishtina Snowman group. The forum address www.snowman-ks.com went in the net on January 2005 and worked until January 2007. For those two years, this Forum provided an opportunity to all the ski/snowboard addicts to meet, communicate, gather, exchange information and undertake a lot of thing concerning life in the slopes during the winter.

The Snowman Association is not a ski club, but it’s a group of recreational skiing/boarding lovers that want just to have organized fun, meet and make winter sports more popular. “Snownjeri” is non-political, non-governmental and non-profitable Association composed of the recreational snow sports lovers.

The Association wants to show that skiing/snowboarding is not only for the wealthy and professional athletes, but also for the simple people that love mountains and snow. 

Inside our association we want to have recreational skiers and boarders with whom we will visit most of the ski slopes in Kosova and abroad. Like this, we would like to build bridges with skiers and snowboarders wherever they live in the world.

Be a part of this bridge